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I am an assistant professor of Biomedical Engineering at Vanderbilt University. My group and I perform our research at the Vanderbilt University Institute of Imaging Science (VUIIS).

Link to ISMRM 2014 Nuts and Bolts parallel transmit pulse design code: grissom_ptxdesign_examples.zip

2/10/2014 Our group's accepted ISMRM 2014 abstracts:
  • Z Cao et al: Frequency encoding by Bloch-Siegert shift. Accepted for e-poster presentation in session 'Pulse Sequences & Constrast Mechanisms'
  • P Gaur et al: Temperature map reconstruction directly from k-space with compensation for heating-induced geometric distortions. pdf link. Accepted for traditional poster presentation in session 'Thermotherapy & Thermometry.'
  • P Gaur et al: Comparison of single- and multi-echo PRF-shift thermometry and method for penalized-likelihood multi-echo temperature reconstruction. pdf link. Accepted for traditional poster presentation in session 'Thermotherapy & Thermometry.'
  • J Ianni et al: k-SPIRiT: Non-Cartesian SPIRiT image reconstruction with automatic trajectory error compensation. pdf link. Accepted for Power Poster presentation in session 'Powerful Acquisition & Recon Techniques.'
  • A Sharma et al: SALSAS: Spectral-spatial excitation combined with z-shimming to mitigate through-plane signal loss in single-slice and multiband gradient echo imaging. Accepted for traditional poster presentation in session 'Acquisition Methods.'

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Please note that you will need Jeff Fessler's Medical Image Reconstruction Toolbox in your path, in order to run most of this software. This can be obtained from his website.
Native Client SLR Pulse Design Tool

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William Grissom (will DOT grissom AT vanderbilt DOT edu)