Vanderbilt University
Institute of Imaging Science

Zhaoyue Shi

Graduate Student

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I am interested in understanding the neural basis of BOLD fMRI signals in non-human primate brain, as well as translating fMRI and electrophysiology analysis techniques to the clinic to better investigate the functional connectivity of human brain.


My research is focused on investigating the spatial correspondence between fMRI signals and underlying neural activity (local field potentials), and developing stationary and non-stationary models of dynamic changes in resting state functional connectivity using fMRI and electrophysiology.


Shi, Z., Wu, R., Yang, P.F., Wang, F., Wu, T.L., Mishra, A., Chen, L.M., Gore, J.C. (2017). "High spatial correspondence at a columnar level between activation and resting state fMRI signals and local field potentials". Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. 2017 May 1: 201620520.

Shi, Z., Rogers, B.P., Chen, L.M., Morgan, V.L., Mishra, A., Wilkes, D.M., Gore, J.C. (2016). "Realistic models of apparent dynamic changes in resting-state connectivity in somatosensory cortex". Human Brain Mapping 37(11): 3897-3910.