Vanderbilt University
Institute of Imaging Science

Panayiotis (Peter) Nikolaou, Ph.D.

Post Doctoral Research Fellow

Contact Information
(618) 203-6912


I'm interested in the use of hyperpolarized contrast agents in magnetic resonance and their use in biomedical applications.


I am working on a joint project between SIUC, Vanderbilt, and U. Nottingham (U.K.) to develop an apparatus for Harvard Med. and Brigham and Women's Hospital that will produce hyperpolarized xenon gas (contrast agent) for ultimate use in human lung imaging.


'Interdependence of in-cell xenon density and temperature during Rb/Xe-129 spin-exchange optical pumping usingĀ  VHG-narrowed laser diode arrays', Whiting, N; Nikolaou, P; Eschmann, NA; Goodson, BM; Barlow, MJ. Journal of Magnetic Resonance 208 (2):298-304 (2011)

'Generation of laser-polarized xenon using fiber-coupled laser-diode arrays narrowed with integrated volumeĀ  holographic gratings', Nikolaou, P; Whiting, N; Eschmann, NA; Chaffee, KE; Goodson, BM; Barlow, MJ. Journal of Magnetic Resonance 197 (2):249-254 (2009)

'Interactions between xenon and phospholipid bicelles studied by 2H / 29/Xe/ 131/Xe NMR and optical pumping of nuclear spins', Goodson, B.M.; Xiaoxia Li; Newberry, C.; Saha, I.; Nikolaou, P.; Whiting, N. Chemical Physics Letters vol.419, no.1-3233-9 (2006)