Vanderbilt University
Institute of Imaging Science

Kevin Wilson, MESc

Lead Application Developer
Director of the Center for Analytic Software and Mobile Technology

Contact Information
(615) 322-5805


My interests include research and development of novel software systems for use in both the research and clinical environment. I am currently focused on mobile health research and informatics, as well as novel applications of analytic software through web and mobile technologies.. I strive to use best practices in software engineering and design and make powerful data driven applications accessible to the widest community possible.


One of the two foci of our Center for Analytic Software and Mobile Technology is development of analytical software, whether for research or for analysis and improvement of clinical processes. In either of these realms, with the proper approach data can speak for themselves to drive projects forward. Our center is available to help teams build software systems to get to the data they need to answer their questions and advance their work. Our center's second focus is powerful yet intuitive web and mobile applications. Current and past projects include web and mobile software for novel data collection and analysis, biomedical imaging informatics, scientific education, public-facing information, departmental administrative systems, and volunteer coordination.


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