Vanderbilt University
Institute of Imaging Science

George Wilson

Research Assistant II

Contact Information
(615) 322-6746


My research interests involve the development and application of pharmacologic MRI to characterize rodent models of neuropsychiatric disease, and the assessment of the neuromodulatory effects of drug treatments and environmental factors.


I conduct part of my work under Dr. Nellie Byun as both a Research Assistant and Master's student in the Masters of Laboratory Investigation (MLI) program offered through the Vanderbilt School of Medicine. While I assist with all of her current projects to some degree, I am focusing my thesis on reversing psychostimulant-driven brain activity by various compounds with putative antipsychotic properties developed at the Vanderbilt Program in Drug Discovery. I also work with Dr. Limin Chen exploring functional connectivity of somatosensory areas in primates via functional magnetic resonance and electrophysiology studies.


Wilson GH 3rd et al. An approach to breast cancer diagnosis via PET imaging of microcalcifications using 18F-NaF. Journal of Nuclear Medicine, 2014, (Epub ahead of print).